About Us

My Great Lake ___(Insert your Great Lake here... go ahead, pick one!)____.  
In fact, they are so great that we are donating a bit of everything we make back to the lakes. The Alliance for the Great Lakes (www.greatlakes.org) is a non-profit dedicated to preservation and the battle against invasive species, and we want to help them do their thing!
By purchasing a lake-specific product, you are making a claim to your Great Lake. Whether sailing, splashing, fishing, or gazing, you know what your lake is. Part of that lake is in you, which is what makes it yours. That's why we invite you to be the first to join us, a few good guys from the Midwest, as we show the world our appreciation for the Great Lakes and all they represent. We've launched My Great Lake, an exciting new company, where the gear is designed for you to bring those moments with you wherever you go. 
My memories. My adventures. It’s My Great Lake. And it’s worth sharing.
All products are from American Made and hand-printed by the My Great Lake crew in Holland, MI. We want to keep things local and American made!
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Feel free to contact us at Info@mygreatlake.net!